7th Anniversary: Mumdance, Wheez-ie, Dev/Null | BASSIC

7 YEARS-02

This special edition of BASSIC marks 7 years in the books for us and we’re very happy to hit this milestone! We’ve reached for this one to bring you some new and really exciting in terms of music. Mumdance is touching down from the UK who has seriously been changing the game with fresh productions! Our good friend DJ Wheez-ie returns to celebrate the launch of his new record label Southern Belle. And of course we wanted to bring things full circle and pay our respects to the O.G’s by having Dev/Null bless us with a set.

Mumdance (Techtonic, Keysound, Mad Decent) Brighton UK
Jack Adams a.k.a. Mumdance is nothing short of amazing and exciting and one of the freshest sounds coming out of the U.K. at the moment. However, by no means is he a flash in the pan. Mumdance has been on his grind for a bit. Since being discovered by Diplo in 2008 via his bootleg remix of the Black Lips’ Veni Vedi Vici featuring Grime-scene stalwart MC Jammer, Jack has proven adept at keeping ahead of the music curve. That initial collision of indie and staunchly British grime was to set the tone for the early part of his career, propelled by Diplo and Mad Decent’s backing from a bedroom remixer to a DJ touring the world within three months. Want more, check the links below;

Wheez-ie (Well Rounded, Embassy, Freshmore, Southern Belle) Houston TX
Simply put Wheez-ie does not compromise. Ain’t nothing else to say so if you don’t know it’s time you did.

Dev/Null (Cock Rock Disco) Boston, MA
Dev/Null has more records and more knowledge than you ever will. He’s also the man who runs the one and only “Blog to the Oldskool.” Show some respect.